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Secrets Companions Privacy Policy

The information contained within this web page outlines our Privacy Policy. By using our services you acknowledge you haveread, understood and henceforth agree to be bound by the aforementioned policy. The website is located at

Secrets Companions reserves the right to change, add or subtract from this privacy policy at any time. This Statement is always available to view on our website It’s your responsibility to make yourself aware of this privacy policy and statement.

Privacy Policy – Our Privacy Promise

We will not publish, sell, rent or pass on any of your personal data to any third party.

At Secrets Companions, we are committed to maintaining and protecting your personal information and privacy at all times.This privacy policy describes our information handling practices and only applies to information relating to Secrets Companions services that are provided via the website as described. This privacy statement does not apply to Secrets Companion's partners or affiliates, or to any other information collected or maintained. Data will only be used lawfully and will be stored and maintained in accordance with the 1998 Data Protection Act.

Secrets Companions is the sole owner of the personal information collected through our website/s or in connection with the services we provide.

You may visit our website WITHOUT providing any personal information, but are website does use Cookies. For more information on Cookies and the type we use please visit our Terms & Conditions page.

Personal Information

When making your enquiry by telephone, we do collect some personal information such as name, contact number and booking address. When making enquiries or contact via our website, we also collect your contact email address. In both instances, this information enables personal contact from the companions we represent and ensures that Secrets Companions provides an efficient, safe service to clients and companions alike. This information will not be sold, rented or passon tonto any third parties not directly affiliated with Secrets Companions. As such, your personal information remains private and you may be assured of our absolute discretion.

External Links may also contain external links to other sites, which are not owned or managed by Secrets Companions. Secrets Companions are not responsible for the privacy policies and practices of any other sites that you may access from our website.

Automated Web Site Tracking

Statistics about your visit are vital to our business and automatically collected and analysed so that we are able provide a better service, however, the information gathered does not in any way identify you personally. The information captured is solely about your visit and how you have used the site, for example, statistics about which pages you have looked at and for how long.

Companion Application Information

In order to offer representation to companions on the site and give access to our advertising services, we must collect and maintain personal information about companion applicants. We use this information to document and verify the identitiof personsons to whom we offer representation.

Customer Service

The website contains forms to enable you to contact Secrets Companions directly with your query. The forms ask for general information so that we can respond appropriately (name, e-mail, username and contact number) along with a general description of your enquiry. It is assumed that in providing this information, you are happy to be contacted in respect of any enquiries you make through our website via the contact details supplied to ourselves.

Using Third Party Services

We occasionally use third party services to enable us to provide a better service, for example payment/ merchantservices, advertising and marketing. Any data used that is processed by third parties must adhere with the 1998 Data Protection Act. Should Secrets choose to change, expand or cut back its business activity, this may involve transferring control of certain parts of the business to other verified parties. Secrets Companions therefore has the right to amend or change our privacy policy from time to time as we may deem it necessary or it may be required to be changed by law.

While Secrets Companions does not encourage or condone improper conduct and content on our website, you understand and agree that you nonetheless may be exposed to such materials, particularly in relation to external links which are not owned or managed by Secrets Companions. You therefore agree to use the service at your own risk.

If Secrets Companions does make a change to this privacy policy in any way that affects or refers to the way we use any personal information captured, then we will notify you of such changes either by email or by displaying the changes within this privacy policy.

You have the right to review your personal information and have inaccurate information about you corrected. If you wish to do so, or to notify a change in your details, please contact us here.