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Why do women choose to become escorts? For some it’s purely about the cash – after all there are few jobs where you can command the best rates of pay just for being desirable! Some ladies work to feed their families; others do it purely to afford those little luxuries in life. Other women choose to escort for the social aspects of the job – working with other escorts, attending VIP party bookings together and getting paid for having a great time means that a night at work is often more fun (and obviously more lucrative!) than heading out for a night with your mates. Other women seek the intimacy and closeness of encounters with their male clients without the commitment and ties of a stable relationship. Some women love the excitement of having a secret life that only their clients and colleagues know about. There are those women who are as insatiable as their male counterparts – one man could never be enough and the thrill of taking pleasure from a variety of men is far more attractive than settling for a soulmate. Some women can’t or don’t want to work for a boss in regular jobs – for them, the attraction is in being self-employed and in control of when and how they work.  Whatever the reason, when you’re an escort, it’s 24-7 fun, the perks are some of the perkiest and the pay is pretty damn good too.


Whatever your reasons for considering escort work in Manchester, we strongly recommend working with a reputable, professional escort agency. When you work as an escort your safety is paramount and you should only consider working with an established agency who takes your safety seriously. You also need to make sure that you’re paying low agency fees to maximise your earnings. At Secrets Escorts Manchester we offer some of the best rates for escort work in Manchester and unlike other Manchester escort agencies, we can offer big-hour party bookings and top earnings for escort work if you work 2 or more nights per week. If you’re looking for work as an exclusive escort with VIP clients, then look no further as Secrets Escorts Manchester prides itself on its elite escort jobs. For escort job opportunities in Manchester, there really is only one Manchester escort agency you should trust for Manchester escort recruitment, and that’s Secrets.


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