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We love our photographers at Secrets! The best escort photographers are those who don't just take pics of semi-naked women, they're the talented peeps who are imaginative and creative in their perspective, who use their lens give you a sense of what that escort is really like, as well as showing how hot she is! We've had some pretty damn good photographers over the last ten years, but we'll be especially sorry to see this one go. 

It's pretty rare that a photographer connects with our escorts the way X does (yes - our photographers remain nameless!), but this one truly made our Manchester escorts feel comfortable, relaxed and completely at ease. Ok, we've had a couple of complaints on occasion (does my bum looks big in this?/ why does my wrist look deformed?/ can my ENORMOUS tattoos be edited out completely? etc), but it's fair to say that 99% of the time, our Manchester playmates have been thrilled by X's work and, despite initial nerves, have had total confidence in booking subsequent shoots with X. 

X is only the second photographer to really become a part of our team (we still love the first too) - someone who has slipped into the weird, wonderful world of Secrets, becoming completely immersed in its jokes, lingo and bizarre ideas to truly become a barking mad member of Team Secrets. X may be moving onwards and upwards, but rest assured that we won't forget you, and it's with heavy hearts that we watch you go.

As you embark on the next phase of your career, we hope you'll continue to greet everyone with a cheerful 'good morning!' regardless of the time of day and take with you our love and best wishes, but leave some of the more 'entertaining' stories in the studio. wink

Suffice to say, you will be much missed.

All our love,

Your Secrets Friends xx

P.S. Here's our number in case you forget.

0161 798 6769