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If you want to spice up not just your night, but your whole existence, we highly recommend throwing caution to the wind and making a booking with a very special duo this Christmas.

Young, busty, glossy haired and with glowing golden complexions, this pair of sexy brunettes will have you salivating as you watch them cavort together like the minxes they are.

Both gorgeous, with a similar sense of humour and devil may care attitudes, Bella and Penny are often mistaken for sisters, and together they are the ultimate amusement whether you’re choosing to spend the night on the town or behind closed doors for some very special fun.

We caught up with Bella and Penny while they bounced round the office in their sexy little Christmas outfits and not only did we get the lowdown on what makes these party girl escorts tick, we also got some very hot photos of the two of them playing together.

Secrets: ‘So, you terrible twosome, tell us how your duo shoot went!’

Bella: It was brilliant – we really enjoyed it! Having photos done is always loads of fun, but doing them together was an absolute scream. Posing together with almost nothing on felt soooooooo sexy and we couldn’t help ourselves - we got a bit steamy in front of the photographer. We can be a bit... shocking.’ 

Penny: ‘Ha ha, we sure do know how to put on a show!’

Secrets: ‘You two are definitely two of the naughtiest and most playful escorts at Secrets!’

Bella: (laughing) ‘We always get told that we’re loads of fun. Even when we go to bookings on our own, we always end up tempting the guy into having the other one come and join us too – after all, two’s company, but three’s a party! We’re pretty wild so we get up to all sorts when we work together. Penny will ring me and ask if I want to work, and I’m like, ‘yeaaaaaah baby – let’s cause some mayhem!’

Penny: ‘I like working on my own, but I know that when Bella is working too, we’re going to have an amazing night. In fact, it doesn’t feel like work at all – it just feels like a night out with my best friend and a load of hot guys. Every night is party night when we hit the town – even on a random Tuesday!’

Secrets: ‘Tell us about your outfit choices for this shoot – you look like mirror images of each other!’

Bella: ‘We did that on purpose! Guys tell us all the time that we look like sisters, but we're actually, like, BEST friends. We absolutely love the attention that we get when we dress the same, or when we dress to complement each other – every guy is like ‘wow – sisters – you girls are so hot!’, and which girl wouldn’t love that?’

Penny: ‘We do look pretty similar, so even though I'm curvier and I've got bigger boobs than Bella, we often dress and act the same – even our mannerisms are alike, so you’d be forgiven for thinking that we are sisters. We love each other to bits and we’re absolute best friends, so while we may not actually be related, we always have this catchphrase that she’s my sister from another Mr.’

Secrets: ‘Aww, you two are so cute! And very, very wicked.’

And with that, Manchester duo escorts Bella and Penny bounded back into the studio in their little Mrs Claus and Miss Elf outfits ready to cause more trouble in front of the camera – Manchester better watch out!

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