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Once you get to know your escort companion, you may wish to consider spicing things up even more with some naughty games. These aren't something we'd necessarily recommend for a first booking as it helps to build up a trust relationship first so that the escort doesn't feel vulnerable. But once you have that bond with an escort, taking your relationship to the next level of play can be incredibly exciting. Of course we'd recommend trying something new if you're in a relationship that's fallen into a rut too, but for our purposes we're talking about exploring your wildest desires and fantasies out of the confines of a 'normal' relationship. So if you're looking for help when it comes to sizzling between the sheets, look no further! Here are some frisky games to try with your favourite escort companion.

The Ticking Time Bomb

You don't need many items for this game, making it ideal if you're playing in a hotel room with limited objects at your disposal. In fact, all you need is a clock. Set 5 minutes of activity for one of you. This could be a lapdance, a slow strip, a massage etc. The other player has to sit on their hands and watch. Stick to the 5 minute rule and no matter how exciting things get, stop that activity after 5 minutes. Swap round and again set a timer for 5 minutes with a different activity. Once the 5 minutes has lapsed, increase the time to 10 minutes, then 15, 20 and so on. As you increase the time, make the activity more adventurous so each 'round' gets harder. Whatever happens, you aren't allowed to react to your partner - so if she's gyrating on you and it's driving you wild, you literally can't do anything about it. The one to break first and give in to their desires is the loser. Depending on how creative you get, this can be a mind-blowingly sexy experience for both parties. 

Blind Man's Buff 

Again, a low-maintenance game only requiring a scarf/ sleepmask/ tie etc. This is a sexy take on the old playground game Blind Man's Bluff with one notable exception - the participants are naked (hence Blind Man's Buff!). Although this involves some sensory deprivation, there is no restraint involved, so it's a great game to play while you're in the trust-building phase of a relationship. Firstly, divest yourselves of your clothes, or leave on just your underwear. One of you is blindfolded by the other and led to the centre of the room where they are spun round several times to confuse their senses. The other partner must evade being 'tagged' by the blindfolded player. Once the player has been tagged, blindfolded player gets to make the tagged player perform a forfeit of their choice. Once the forfeit is satisfied, the players swap roles and the tagged player then becomes 'it' and dons the blindfold. Forfeits can be as teasing, reckless and slow as you wish. As 'it', you are the one who calls the shots so be creative! Keeping a blindfold on increases sensitivity and creates feelings of psychological vulnerability, which are considered two of the most powerful aphrodisiacs. 

Prisoner and Guard

For this game you need trust as it puts one partner into a position where they are restrained, which can cause genuine fear for a female escort. This game is therefore only for escorts and clients who have built up a relationship and where the escort feels safe with her client. So, you'll need four men’s neckties. Alternatively, if you're playing spontaneously, dressing gown cords, belts or even shirt sleeves can work in place of ties. Conversely, if you want a more elaborate experience, you could take a look online and purchase some restraints or soft silk ties in advance. If you find yourself in a position where you don't have anything to tie your restraints to, simply tie your partner's wrists behind their back and their ankles together. Then the roleplay begins (if it hasn't already). Take the time to tease your 'prisoner'. Use blindfolds, food, hot wax, cold water, ice cubes, any objects that will stimulate their flesh - be as creative as you can but try and make the experience pleasurable. If you only use uncomfortable teases the experience will feel less like sexy play and more like actual imprisonment! This game plays on the eroticism of having no power or responsibility over what happens. 

As with all sexy play, have fun, respect each other's boundaries and BE SAFE!

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