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Brand new hot and horny Manchester based escorts Marlena and Summer called into our photo studio late last week to show us just how gorgeous they are. Stunning individually, these beautiful busty blonde escorts are mindblowing together. 

'I actually used to work with Secrets about 5 years ago...',

Says Summer conspiratorially. 'I took time away to have a family and live a 'real' life for a while, but I got bored and I just felt unfulfilled. I love escorting and having a secret life outside of my normal, day-to-day existence that reveals the real me - the good girl gone bad - is just so thrilling!' As she says this, Summer bats those long eyelashes and twirls a lock of her long, golden-blonde hair very suggestively. Her barely-there leather skirt is riding higher and higher up those slender thighs until I see a flash of black stocking top and the strap of a suspender belt. One can only imagine what else she has on underneath that tight little pelmet! 

'I came to Secrets on Summer's recommendation'

Confides Marlena. 'It's the best escort agency in Manchester and Liverpool so there wasn't anywhere else I wanted to even apply to.' As she says this, Marlena is fussing with the straps of Summer's black lace bodysuit, making sure that they're well tightened and Summer's big, enhanced boobs are framed just perfectly. 'That's better', she says, satisfied. 'We just can't wait to party together', smiles Marlena. 'There's only one thing better than one blonde escort with big boobs, and that's two of em!'

Meanwhile, Summer is preening in front of the mirror, admiring her svelte figure and the glossy waves that bounce across her tanned shoulders with every move.

'Do you need me to do anything for you before I undress...?' She asks seductively.

Remaining the consumate professional, I gently knock on the door of the photo studio and introduce these two stunning new Manchester escorts to our photographer.

If you want to see the results of this latest shoot, check out the escort profiles for Marlena and Summer for updated photos now! 

These two sensational busty blonde escort girls are available for outcall bookings in unaffected areas of the North West this weekend. Just be warned - if you book them together, Secrets Companions is NOT responsible for any cardiac problems that may arise subsequent to your date. 

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