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Party girls are the wildest and most open-minded type of escort. Usually in their teens to late 20's, very pretty, unattached and often using escorting as a happy medium between socialising and working, party girls are the ideal escort date for a guy or guys seeking the company of hotties who know how to have a good time. Energetic, exciting and very, very enthusiastic, our top party girls can go all night long (and in some cases across multiple days in a single booking!). Party girl escorts like to have a drink and when it comes to the number of clients and escorts in the booking - a party girl's attitude is' the more the merrier!" So if you and your friends want to get busy with a group of escorts, requesting party girls is where it's at. 


Party girl escort bookings are all about pleasure and excess. Sexy girls, handsome guys, showering Champagne all over the place and getting in a whole load of flirtation and bants. Stick the Grey Goose in the freezer and chill the Champagne because our party girl escorts only want the very best and when you give them what they want, they give a whole lot back in return. Party bookings with you and your friends, and her and her friends have been known to get a little... crazzzzzzzy... so make sure you've got the stamina to keep up with these stunning escort girls all night long!


Of course, getting a bit tipsy and flirting isn't where the night ends. As the lights go down and couples start breaking off to find their own little private pads, the real fun begins. Our party girl escorts wind down into sultry little sex kittens, offering a superb GFE that's as sexy and horny as she is. At Secrets, our escorts charge a fully inclusive rate for their services and if you're fresh and clean you'll find that your chosen escort specialises in more than just being a trophy date. 


You can book our party girl escorts anywhere in Manchester from 8pm on any given evening. Our exclusive premier escorts are able to visit all Manchester city centre hotels, including Gotham Hotel, The Lowry Hotel, the Dakota Deluxe Hotel and Malmaison Manchester. Whether you're staying in a simple double room or a luxe suite, our escorts will make your stay feel like it's a 5 star experience from the word go. Our escorts also cover budget hotels such as the Britannia Hotel, Portland Street, Gardens Hotel, Piccadilly and the Premier Inn Hotel group in Manchester. They are also happy to visit homes and hotels in the Greater Manchester region, including the City Of Salford and Media City.

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